- These are stories of CASA SHaW children -
Some names and some circumstances have been changed to protect the child's confidentiality.
All photos are stock from Google images and not actual representations of the children.

Michael grew up in foster care. He had been removed from his parents at age 4 because his father threw him against a wall. There had been a long history of violence in the home, and Michael was one of its victims. Child protective authorities placed him with relatives, where he was again abused and removed at age 6. This time he was placed in a non-relative foster home. MORE ...

Two young siblings were struggling with reading, and their CASA volunteer, Diane, recognized that they needed help strengthening those skills. She took the initiative to try and get them assistance. She acted as a liaison between the school and a community program to find a free reading volunteer. MORE ...

Lisa, a CASA advocate, was newly assigned to a case with two children who had been removed from their mother because of drug and alcohol issues. The court’s plan was to place the children with their father, with whom they had not lived since they were very young. The children expressed great fear about this move – they didn’t know their father and he had not been a part of their lives for some time. Lisa listened and respected the children’s concerns. 

Ashley had a myriad of problems, including a history of running, poor school attendance, substance abuse problems, and emotional and behavioral issues. Annie was assigned to her as a CASA advocate and began visiting Ashley regularly. As they talked, Ashley expressed a desire to be a nurse. Annie thought about how she could best help Ashley make this dream come true. She contacted a local hospital to arrange for her to be a student volunteer there. She also contacted a local community college and other post-secondary schools regarding nursing programs as well as funding possibilities. She was able to arrange for Ashley to observe same day surgery and to "shadow” a nurse in a local hospital. MORE ...

Close your eyes, picture yourself as a fifteen year old girl ripped away from the only life you’ve ever known. Allow yourself to feel the emotions of this tragedy. Hard to even imagine isn’t it? It is a harsh reality and this nightmare was mine. The predicament I was in, which I had no control over brought me to CASA, a silver lining in an otherwise dark story.

I grew up with parents with substance abuse problems. My father was physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive to myself and my older sister. To say this scenario presented “difficulties” would be an understatement. My younger years were a mix of fabulous and horrific memories.   MORE ...

By Najera
Rock bottom puts us in a new position.
We’re all scared lonely, and lost.
We try to exclude the world as if everybody is fiction.
We face these crazy challenges and pay the cost.
Help is needed but we never ask.
Everything in my head, I want to say,
But instead I say, leave me alone and get out of my face
Only because everybody turns out to be fake.
So let’s get away and face the world.
Let’s live our life and smile
But then we fake these smiles and our cheeks are sore.
And then we’re walking miles.
Walking to find some kind of guidance.
Look up to God and say what you need to say
And his Son gives all his love to you and you’ll find it.
Tomorrow will be a brighter day
Your pain will soon be finished.
Then we all will say,
Today is my new beginning.
Najera is a child who was served by a CASA SHaW advocate. 
She has given us permission to print her poems in the hope that another child in a similar situation will not feel so alone.

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