Brittney - Her Voice

Close your eyes, picture yourself as a fifteen year old girl ripped away from the only life you’ve ever known. Allow yourself to feel the emotions of this tragedy. Hard to even imagine isn’t it? It is a harsh reality and this nightmare was mine. The predicament I was in, which I had no control over brought me to CASA, a silver lining in an otherwise dark story. 

I grew up with parents with substance abuse problems. My father was physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive to myself and my older sister. To say this scenario presented “difficulties” would be an understatement. My younger years were a mix of fabulous and horrific memories. My father was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He was my hero and my biggest fear all wrapped in one. Living with him you could never know which man you would encounter from one conversation to the next. Trying to live while constantly walking on egg shells as the expression goes. I always remember my mother being this frail woman, unable to defend herself or her family, and I always remember saying to myself I refuse to be her! I knew at a very young age I wanted to be strong, independent and able to defend myself and those who needed me. When she wasn’t weak she was an extraordinary mother. When he was being my hero he was an extraordinary father. My life has been filled with a mix of fabulous and horrific memories.
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